Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Camp

These people do something amazing, they take young people who probably need it the most on the experiance of being up on a mountain, here is what they say:

'Snow-Camp is a youth charity providing disadvantaged young people from London’s inner city areas with the chance to experience mountain sports. As well as offering the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard, during a week’s stay in the French Alps, Snow-Camp includes a Life-Skills course designed to enable young people to reflect on the key issues that impact their lives.'

Check out the Snow Camp site and if you have any old hardwear you would like to donate then please get in touch with Dan Charlish at

Thanks in advance!


Pete Ellis rides for Blueskin

We would like to annouce that Mr Pete Ellis is the new kid on the block to join Blueskins riders Jo Chastney, Emma Rogers and Zach Culshaw. So please put your hands together and welcome him onboard,

As Ferg from Burton puts it


Pete's a rad guy and sick on the shred as well.'

Ferg Hetherington
Burton UK

He also makes films with the Hungerpain crew check out the latest film offering 'Otium' check out

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hug a Hoody

Well it's getting right proper cold these mornings, Jack frost is definitely out and about. So we say hug a hoody, they're not all bad plus they keep you warm! Check out the Blueskin site for more info.. Right whose putting the kettle on?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seems I've been nominated for an award!

Yes, I've been nominated for Sports person/team of the year award at this years Stonewall awards at the V & A on the 1st November.
If you want to have a look at what it's all about check it on Champagne and canapes!
Oh bloody hell, what does a pikey wear to such an event?!

Other than that, not done anything too exciting, went to a couple of gigs, both were amazing, Incubus and Jack Penate, recommend both to anyone, unless you don't like them, then I suggest you don't.

Also went to the Lockdown Premier of Terminal Ferocity, good work guys, an awesome night and an absolute belter of a movie.

Knee wise, physio is going well, hoping to get on a board in about a month, wow, that's quite soon!! Siiiick!

Peace out.

Monday, October 15, 2007

K-Jam event at Kendal dry slope

The second ever K-Jam event at Kendal dry slope in Cumbria. Massive snowboard jam session on the kickers, boxes (brand new 6m box and 6m C-box designed by Hamish McKnight), the Momentum/Thrilly 3-metre rail, quarter/bowl/spine, etc. Plus on-slope music, food, refreshments and spot prizes all day.


10am - Registration & Practice
12pm - Jam starts
3pm - Final
4pm - Awards


Open to Kendal Ski Club members and non-members. All competitors must wear a helmet (a small few are available for hire).

Adults (over 16): £20
Kids: £10
(Members half price)

Spectators welcome!


11 & Under
16 & Under
Over 16
(Male & Female)


Thrilly / MonthRAG / Momentum Chalet / Westbeach / Vans / Fear of the Park / Snowboard Club UK / OHD / Blueskin / Animal / Rip Curl / Roxy / Dickies / Board 4 Life / Freeride Snowboards / Bluetubes / The Sick & the Wrong / Aquatic / Exile Tattoo

Friday, August 31, 2007

Winner of Blueskin Stickers Competition - August 2007

The winner by a long shot this month (he had the most votes ever) for the Stickers that Travel Competition August 2007 is Jack Coles on his Lush Spooky!
You go fella - a tasty Blueskin t-shirt coming you way. Give us a shout which t-shirt you like and it's yours...
Here are the results
1st Jack Coles
2nd Lewis Jones
3rd Andy Martin
4th Kaytee

Thanks to you for taking part - peace x

Friday, August 03, 2007

For Boarders By Boarders

Don't Forget FBBB at Tamworth SnowDome on the 8th September. The jam will kick off from 10pm 'til 1:30am on Saturday 8th September. Check out the new FBBB site at for more info.

Peace, Love and Shred. FBBB

Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition - August 2007

Ok in this months competition its all about - Getting on with what you love doing.....

On an island

On a honeymoon

On a wave

On a dancefloor

Andy Martin

On a mission

On a skateboard

On a mountain

On a computer

Jack Coles

On a ramp

On a picnic

On a motoX

On a bear trip


On a camera

On a phone

On a message

On a BMX

Lewis Jones

So get on it and vote for your favourite photo to win some fine Blueskin produce..... just say which one you like best in the comments box - its easy x

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Right then...

Right then...
Thought I'd better do an update.

Not that there is much to update on, as an injured sports person, it kinda stops me doing stuff!
I have been going pretty nuts, although I've recently met some insane people who have most definitely kept me entertained, wow, as you can see from the photos! Nuts!

Me and Emma went on a road trip around Devon a while back which was great, Roger treated us well, we went to the Empire of Dirt which got cancelled so trekked it over to Croyde for a festival over there. Very funny and reasonable nice weather, ish.

For all you gays, you all should know it's pride season, so had the Branksome pride which was very successful, and the big one, Brighton this weekend! woooooo, I've been the last two years and I've had the biggest parties there!! I can't wait, just hope the weather is going to be alright.

So glad the last few days have been ok, weather wise, I've really been struggling, not being able to do anything. I'm now just over 11 weeks, and I'll be able to swim next week. I don't really like swimming!! But just being able to anything, moving, nice! I have been going to the gym everyday apart from the hungover weekends! So hopefully not putting any weight on!

Bit of sad news, my dog died a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe how sad I was, it was aweful. I mean I knew I would be sad, just not that sad. Ergh, poor Georgie, anyone who met my dog loved her, such a sweet thing. RIP.

Back to the parties, went to a Diva party in London a few weekends ago, really good, quite busy, went with them crazy South Africans! Classic, got stuck in a lift etc... Photos again!

Got a Nintendo Wii, thought that could keep me entertained for a bit, without being stuck in bed or just sat down. Absolutely hilarious, so far only minor injuries and two broken light bulbs.

Right, so if you're still reading this (sorry not very interesting) I went on a little trip to the Blueskin office and to see the lovely Niki!!!! It'd been a while so I was very excited.
After about a 2/3 hour catch up and gossip we got on to more serious business which might be top secret so not going to tell you, gutted.
Keep an eye on the blueskin website for more info as and when it comes.

I'm sure I forgot to put all the interesting stuff that I've done in on purpose, I'm very busy and exciting.

Ok thats enough excitement for now, there will be plenty of crazy drunken photos to come after this weekend so check back.

Happy summer.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Winner of Blueskin Stickers Competition - July 2007

Ok we have a winner for Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition July 2007......This month it goes to Ross Maddox who got the most votes so he is the winner!! woop woop!! Nice one Ross email us with your choice of t-shirt and we will make sure Mr Postie gets it to you on the double - Here are the results

Ross 1st
Jamie 2nd Joint
Will 2nd Joint
Alice 4th

No one goes away empty handed - some big fat stickers going out to for Jamie, Will and Alice for entering thanks your photos rocked!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Save Southsea Skate Park

Cody writes:
nicky i know u get this a lot but this is big they are trying to shut down southsea sk8 park. it is the 1 if not the oldest sk8 park in the uk. It been here from the 70s. It must not shout down. We had over the years u.k. and u.s. pro and sk8er that have used it and it is a community for us and town around the city. so if u can help in any way this would be so helpful. i come to u as i know how u are a bout sk8ing and how u are true to the history. have a look at this if u can and if u can get back to me on this i be so grateful. thank u so much RAD bye

Please support this cause and sign this petition!

Legion Rocks II Comp

The West of Scotland Snowsport Center is kindly hosting the event for the second year running and on the 25th of August we'll have the run of the slope whcih includes a state of the art SnowFlex funpark, a rail park and excellent bar and function room which will host the after party which should rock as much as the action on the slope!

The comp is kicking off at 2pm on Saturday 25th August...
running until we get kicked off the slope at 10pm, followed by a party into the small hours.

It's going to be a jam format, judged by the riders themselves. The comp will be broken down into sessions on the jumps slope (kids comp, practise, main session and final) taking away all the pressure of nailing that one perfect run. The main slope will also be opened with the airbag and various rails set out.

For those that pre register the entry fees (which include your slope pass) are

Under 16s: £15
Over 16s: £20

The mini site, with pre-registration forms for Legion Rocks is up and running at :-

Anyone registering on the day will miss out on a free tee and pay an extra £5 for the privilege.

We can't guarantee the weather… but we've done well so far this "summer". Hopefully it should be a cracking day.



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition - July 2007

Like it tells us in the wise words of Whitesnake,

'An' here I go again on my own
Goin' down the only road I've ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An' I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time'

So you know the score, these good people have been out taking photos of their Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' so vote for your favourite 'Sticker That Traveled' photo.

Use the comments box below to vote, c'mon and show some love to see your favourite picture win!! You know it makes sense.

Ross Maddox - Milton Keynes Highway

Jamie Brown - Canary Wharf London

Will - Meribel Bubble

Alice - Telephone Box Mayrhofen

The Winner of The Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition - June 2007

We proudly present to you the winner of the Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' Competition for June 2007 - Craig Rutherford with his brilliant Kassbohrer Piste Basher photo is the winner!! Awesome pic mister good work!

Here are the results

Craig 1st
Vicky 2nd
Sazelli 3rd
Adam 4th
A big thanks to Vicky, Sazzelli and Adam, for getting involved and taking part some more free stickers coming your way. Mr Don Brider our sticker maker man has been knocking up a new batch of stickers in his garage, so a big bunch have got your names on them!!

Love Piste and Bicycle Grease :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Little story for you all.....

When I was 21 - no younger, as I wouldn’t be able to booze it, I moved to Encinitas a surf town in San Diego, California - although I actually did not know this until I got there.

In a cloud of bud I didn't research my new environment until I went, so when I arrived I was shocked to see all the things I saw watching endless skateboard videos and in numerous magazines whilst growing up in England.

For example, that Civic Centre bank that Aaron Harrison ollies into and Bam dragons into in Welcome To Hell (Toy Machine) video. The YMCA Skate park practically built by Tony Hawk, and the famous San dieguito High School rail which saw the likes of Tom Penny and Geoff Rowley in their days along with Steve Berra and Rick Mcrank who filmed it in the Birdhouse video "The End", and many many more!

So for me it was really weird.

For example there was this little skate park, quite crap really. I was skating there one day and all of a sudden Matt Mumford and his mates pulled up to kick about. I think I did a manual nollie flipper out and got a clap from him, cool.

Down at Moonlight beach in Encinitas was a car park. A guy called Jeff King (who owns King rails) set up a rail session every week. About 100+ skaters would turn up and destroy the place. Including the likes of Richard Arg├╝elles who rides for Adidas, PJ Ladd came down a couple times, Kenny Hoyle who got picked up by Kayo distribution - check his section out in "The Official" vid. What about this kid Ronson Lambert. His part in Transworld's Forecast video is crazy and that “Rainy days” footage, type that into YouTube now!

Going to Mike Mcgills skateshop was a trip to.

So coming from a posh little town in South East England to the video world of skateboarding in San Diego was really insane and I'd urge any keen skater to head out to San Diego and check the vibe. Heres another thing, Rob dyrdek ordered a pizza at Papa Johns, when I did a delivery stint that was funny. My mate delivered one to Tony Hawk.

I don't usually care about this stuff, famous peeps etc, but when they are amazing skateboarders who have shaped the industry it's cool!

Anyway, thought I'd share that bit of my life with you lot.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Stickers that Travel Competition June 2007

We proudly present June 2007 fab four 'Stickers that Travel' photos!!

This month we are going to try something different, as you have been voting via ye ole email link and we have been reading your comments and counting your votes. We thought hang on there, just a wee minute why don't we ask you to vote via the blog, that way everyone can see the comments and votes, what do ya reckon? Soz for being a little slow hehe!

So now please place you votes and comments NOW, remember be kind and have fun!

Love piste and bicycle grease, Blueskin x

Adam Brown - Brighton

Craig Rutherford - Kassbohrer Piste Basher

Sazzelli - Mountain

Vicky - Scotties Pub Mayrhoffen

Winner of Blueskin Stickers Competition - May 2007

Mays competition was fierce so well done to Leona Bringwoods from Inveruglas Scotland she is this months sticker star!

Leona 1st
Ian 2nd
John 3rd
Guy 4th

A big thanks to Ian, John and Guy, some more free stickers coming your way for taking part. We got the big fat ramp ones in stock, so you're getting those! woop woop!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition May 2007

Hello everyone, well it's that time of the month again to unleash this months 'Stickers That Travel' photos sent in by your good selves. I'm pretty impressed with the creative flow that has been recently thrust upon us.

Ultimately it's about what you think so, check out the photos below and vote for your favorite to win this months free Blueskin t-shirt of their own choice...oh yeh we don't palm you off with any old stuff.

If you want a bunch of free Blueskin stickers just
click here Remember this is about the fun so get busy with your Blueskin stickers all you warriors of the stickering kind...

I Vote Leona Bringwoods - Iveruglus Scotland

I Vote John Black - Edinburgh Scotland

I Vote Ian - Chadwell Heath UK

I Vote
Guy - King Cross Pub London UK

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stickers that Travel - Competition April 2007

Email us your Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' pics for this monthly competition. The persons picture with the most votes from you guys and girls, will get a FREE T-shirt, plus public notoriety! Vote for this months competition below, please write in the subject line the person you want to win - one vote per person. This is fun - Good luck everyone!

Stew - Monkey Pic - I Vote Stew

Claire - Bubble Car Pic - I Vote Claire

Greg - Ramp Pic I Vote Greg

Sarah - Skater Pic I Vote Sarah

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wow what a few weeks

Hey yo,

Wow what a few weeks, started off on a little trip to Austria with Document and my new buddy Posy Dixon, unfortunately the weather wasn't great, but my ankle held out and we managed a really good last day, when the sun came out and we managed to get some photos.

Austria is weird, it was my first time and they have a rubbish choice of food! Anyway after spending 5 hours in a mall (waiting for washing, seems Austria has no laundrettes, so a dry cleaner kindly took our big bags!) it was time for Pikey and Posy to hit the road again, this time Switzerland, for the Brits. Seems the two P's make a good team on and off the road, getting three out of the four medals, yeh Posy! It was an absolutely amazing week, beautiful weather, amazing parties, and Niki and the girls showing everyone how its done on the dance floor!

Unfortunately I hurt my knee during the week and by the slopestyle, managing to stop myself walking. No dancing for me any more.

I managed to have Friday off, luckily the sun still shining, so put my leg up and got a bit of a tan.

No rest for the wicked though, Pikey and Posy's travels weren't over yet, off to Tignes for the Jib-vid. The comp didn't start until Tuesday so I rested my knee until then, We were the Cooler team, consisting of Me (rider), Posy Dixon (rider) and Nat Smith (Filmer and editor). There was also Poppy Smith (Team coach and adult number one) and Nat Mayer (Team photographer and adult number two).
My knee held out for Tuesday but unfortunately had enough by Wednesday. The video still managed to get done though, and it's amazing! You can check it out soon on website and there will also be a story in Cooler, so check it out.

I'm now back in Morzine, incredibly bored, waiting for an MRI scan which will be done next week.
Fingers crossed it's not too bad. Can't complain with the season I've had so far, but with fresh snow and a new hunger to learn and shred, it's pretty hard!

Peace out and shred while you can.


Monday, April 02, 2007

contest winner!

our team rider bill won the comp! congratulations! blue skin is #1

Friday, March 09, 2007

Blue skin "stickers that travel" contest


Thursday, February 15, 2007

For Boarders By Boarders

For Boarders By Boarders proudly presents fun filled night of on-slope excitement & entertainment featuring live dj's, board demos, comp/free give aways, clothing displays, pa's, photographers, film crew and a sick park consisting of rails, benches, boxes & kickers. Open to all ability boarders, thrill-seekers, street dwellers, off loaders, music lovers and anyone looking to have a lot of fun!

It’s back on 24th Feb 2007 & raising the bar with a Freestyle extravaganza @ MK SNO!zone. Bringing you entertainment in the fridge like never before! The park will be that extra bit 'special' (standard FBBB procedure!) as always and this time you'll be spoilt by a line up that without doubt will leave you craving for more!

Summer in winter

Well, the sun is shining here in beautiful Morzine. Which is always nice, but it seems we have had spring weather so far this year. It would be nice to have winter at some point!
The weather however is awesome for learning tricks, nice soft landings for the butt or head.
Unfortunately I have come down with a cold the last couple of days, so I'm taking it easy to get back to full strength for some more summer riding.
I've done two competitons so far this year, the first an all girls event in Villars, Switzerland, which was great fun and I came 2nd, beauty.
The second was the O'neill freestyle pro rail jam, it was fun, but riding with guys in a jam? Hm. Think I'm gona stick with the girls jams, much nicer!

Friday, February 09, 2007


Go on then it's that time of year, Happy Valentines!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mayrhoffen - The most Fun Valley in the World

On deciding to spend New Year 06/07 having fun, myself and some friends went off snowboarding to Mayrhoffen, in Austria. While sauntering around we noticed a road sign claiming that the Mayrhoffen Valley is ‘The Most Fun Valley in the World’. Now being from Lancashire I know a few valleys so I was intrigued by this outlandish claim. I mean haven't they been to Rawtenstall? New Years eve we watched the locals play with fireworks in the car park outside a pub, called Scotties. At this point Vicky and myself pretended to be Victorian Ladies with our handbags and stood back from those rough, dangerous and oh so masculine men folk.

Down at the pub again, another evening of fun entailed slapping a slice of cucumber on our foreheads and getting it to slip down our faces, eating it, then drinking the shot, mmm, now we were getting into the swing of things. That evening ended up with me dancing ragga stylee at the local disco with a roll of toilet paper under my beanie (cos we had run out at our digs). Vicky and Alice looked on aghast, and doubled up in stitches.

We did also play in the snow, sliding down mountains and always having a cafe stop to refuel. On one such stop off there was a DJ man I'd say in his 50's, playing Black Lace’s ‘Agadoo’ with great enthusiasm. I hadn’t witnessed such gusto, for this song since the 80’s. You definitely don’t get that in Lancashire these days, unless of coarse you look really hard. I must point out that it claims onthe Black Lace official website ‘A DJ without a Black Lace record is not a DJ.’ How true.

Yep and we even found the time to play on local children’s rides, in the town centre. Apparently these are in every local town throughout the UK, but funnily enough I have never had the urge to play on them till I ventured to Mayrhoffen. Ok, ok so this proves it, Mayrhoffen is up there in the top 10 valleys of fun, yes alright even in the world.

So seriously when’s that snowbombing bash on this year again?