Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stickers that Travel - Competition April 2007

Email us your Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' pics for this monthly competition. The persons picture with the most votes from you guys and girls, will get a FREE T-shirt, plus public notoriety! Vote for this months competition below, please write in the subject line the person you want to win - one vote per person. This is fun - Good luck everyone!

Stew - Monkey Pic - I Vote Stew

Claire - Bubble Car Pic - I Vote Claire

Greg - Ramp Pic I Vote Greg

Sarah - Skater Pic I Vote Sarah

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wow what a few weeks

Hey yo,

Wow what a few weeks, started off on a little trip to Austria with Document and my new buddy Posy Dixon, unfortunately the weather wasn't great, but my ankle held out and we managed a really good last day, when the sun came out and we managed to get some photos.

Austria is weird, it was my first time and they have a rubbish choice of food! Anyway after spending 5 hours in a mall (waiting for washing, seems Austria has no laundrettes, so a dry cleaner kindly took our big bags!) it was time for Pikey and Posy to hit the road again, this time Switzerland, for the Brits. Seems the two P's make a good team on and off the road, getting three out of the four medals, yeh Posy! It was an absolutely amazing week, beautiful weather, amazing parties, and Niki and the girls showing everyone how its done on the dance floor!

Unfortunately I hurt my knee during the week and by the slopestyle, managing to stop myself walking. No dancing for me any more.

I managed to have Friday off, luckily the sun still shining, so put my leg up and got a bit of a tan.

No rest for the wicked though, Pikey and Posy's travels weren't over yet, off to Tignes for the Jib-vid. The comp didn't start until Tuesday so I rested my knee until then, We were the Cooler team, consisting of Me (rider), Posy Dixon (rider) and Nat Smith (Filmer and editor). There was also Poppy Smith (Team coach and adult number one) and Nat Mayer (Team photographer and adult number two).
My knee held out for Tuesday but unfortunately had enough by Wednesday. The video still managed to get done though, and it's amazing! You can check it out soon on jib-vid.com website and there will also be a story in Cooler, so check it out.

I'm now back in Morzine, incredibly bored, waiting for an MRI scan which will be done next week.
Fingers crossed it's not too bad. Can't complain with the season I've had so far, but with fresh snow and a new hunger to learn and shred, it's pretty hard!

Peace out and shred while you can.


Monday, April 02, 2007

contest winner!

our team rider bill won the comp! congratulations! blue skin is #1