Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mayrhoffen - The most Fun Valley in the World

On deciding to spend New Year 06/07 having fun, myself and some friends went off snowboarding to Mayrhoffen, in Austria. While sauntering around we noticed a road sign claiming that the Mayrhoffen Valley is ‘The Most Fun Valley in the World’. Now being from Lancashire I know a few valleys so I was intrigued by this outlandish claim. I mean haven't they been to Rawtenstall? New Years eve we watched the locals play with fireworks in the car park outside a pub, called Scotties. At this point Vicky and myself pretended to be Victorian Ladies with our handbags and stood back from those rough, dangerous and oh so masculine men folk.

Down at the pub again, another evening of fun entailed slapping a slice of cucumber on our foreheads and getting it to slip down our faces, eating it, then drinking the shot, mmm, now we were getting into the swing of things. That evening ended up with me dancing ragga stylee at the local disco with a roll of toilet paper under my beanie (cos we had run out at our digs). Vicky and Alice looked on aghast, and doubled up in stitches.

We did also play in the snow, sliding down mountains and always having a cafe stop to refuel. On one such stop off there was a DJ man I'd say in his 50's, playing Black Lace’s ‘Agadoo’ with great enthusiasm. I hadn’t witnessed such gusto, for this song since the 80’s. You definitely don’t get that in Lancashire these days, unless of coarse you look really hard. I must point out that it claims onthe Black Lace official website ‘A DJ without a Black Lace record is not a DJ.’ How true.

Yep and we even found the time to play on local children’s rides, in the town centre. Apparently these are in every local town throughout the UK, but funnily enough I have never had the urge to play on them till I ventured to Mayrhoffen. Ok, ok so this proves it, Mayrhoffen is up there in the top 10 valleys of fun, yes alright even in the world.

So seriously when’s that snowbombing bash on this year again?