Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Year...

A new year...
A new year and new start and new country!

Fuck yeh America!
So here I am in Breckenridge Colorado, sure makes a change to Morzine, not only does it not rain here, it's bloody freezing!
The snow is amazing and the parks are insane, parks, there are 3 right next to each other, and loads dotted all over the place.

I sure miss Morzine and the French, ok so I was lying about the French, they are mean, at least Americans pretend they like you, but most of them are actually just nice and easy going.

They sure are a lot of cool kids out here, feeling a bit out of it, I'll be coming back all trendy and Europe won't know whats hit them!

Riding is going good, I was a little worried when I got here when everyone was good, by everyone I do mean the chicks too, and and true American style everything is SUPER size!
But actually its big and friendly, so getting on some bigger kickers and getting my spin on, wahoo.

Comp wise, not too sure whats coming up and what I can do, the Aspen open is coming up in Feb, so considering that.

I'll keep you updated whether I take on the Yanks!

Happy New Year!