Friday, August 31, 2007

Winner of Blueskin Stickers Competition - August 2007

The winner by a long shot this month (he had the most votes ever) for the Stickers that Travel Competition August 2007 is Jack Coles on his Lush Spooky!
You go fella - a tasty Blueskin t-shirt coming you way. Give us a shout which t-shirt you like and it's yours...
Here are the results
1st Jack Coles
2nd Lewis Jones
3rd Andy Martin
4th Kaytee

Thanks to you for taking part - peace x

Friday, August 03, 2007

For Boarders By Boarders

Don't Forget FBBB at Tamworth SnowDome on the 8th September. The jam will kick off from 10pm 'til 1:30am on Saturday 8th September. Check out the new FBBB site at for more info.

Peace, Love and Shred. FBBB

Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition - August 2007

Ok in this months competition its all about - Getting on with what you love doing.....

On an island

On a honeymoon

On a wave

On a dancefloor

Andy Martin

On a mission

On a skateboard

On a mountain

On a computer

Jack Coles

On a ramp

On a picnic

On a motoX

On a bear trip


On a camera

On a phone

On a message

On a BMX

Lewis Jones

So get on it and vote for your favourite photo to win some fine Blueskin produce..... just say which one you like best in the comments box - its easy x

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Right then...

Right then...
Thought I'd better do an update.

Not that there is much to update on, as an injured sports person, it kinda stops me doing stuff!
I have been going pretty nuts, although I've recently met some insane people who have most definitely kept me entertained, wow, as you can see from the photos! Nuts!

Me and Emma went on a road trip around Devon a while back which was great, Roger treated us well, we went to the Empire of Dirt which got cancelled so trekked it over to Croyde for a festival over there. Very funny and reasonable nice weather, ish.

For all you gays, you all should know it's pride season, so had the Branksome pride which was very successful, and the big one, Brighton this weekend! woooooo, I've been the last two years and I've had the biggest parties there!! I can't wait, just hope the weather is going to be alright.

So glad the last few days have been ok, weather wise, I've really been struggling, not being able to do anything. I'm now just over 11 weeks, and I'll be able to swim next week. I don't really like swimming!! But just being able to anything, moving, nice! I have been going to the gym everyday apart from the hungover weekends! So hopefully not putting any weight on!

Bit of sad news, my dog died a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe how sad I was, it was aweful. I mean I knew I would be sad, just not that sad. Ergh, poor Georgie, anyone who met my dog loved her, such a sweet thing. RIP.

Back to the parties, went to a Diva party in London a few weekends ago, really good, quite busy, went with them crazy South Africans! Classic, got stuck in a lift etc... Photos again!

Got a Nintendo Wii, thought that could keep me entertained for a bit, without being stuck in bed or just sat down. Absolutely hilarious, so far only minor injuries and two broken light bulbs.

Right, so if you're still reading this (sorry not very interesting) I went on a little trip to the Blueskin office and to see the lovely Niki!!!! It'd been a while so I was very excited.
After about a 2/3 hour catch up and gossip we got on to more serious business which might be top secret so not going to tell you, gutted.
Keep an eye on the blueskin website for more info as and when it comes.

I'm sure I forgot to put all the interesting stuff that I've done in on purpose, I'm very busy and exciting.

Ok thats enough excitement for now, there will be plenty of crazy drunken photos to come after this weekend so check back.

Happy summer.