Monday, November 03, 2008

Stickers That Travel Competition - November 2008

Yes here we have November 2008 Blueskin 'Stickers that Travel' Competition and the pictures keep rolling in, your creativity is amazing, a big thanks to all who have taken part your photos are great! So you all you regular sticker monsters know the score the photo with the most amount of votes of praise and love wins and that person gets a FREE Blueskin T-shirt that they can choose!! Life is sweet so get voting don't delay, you snooze you loose. Also if you wanna be up here showing off your creative photographs get yourself a Blueskin sticker pack and get out there taking your pictures!

We have Rich M who took his photo on holiday in Japan, this is what he has to say -
'Alreet there,
Here's my entry for the stickers that travel competition. Piccy was taken in Ueno in Tokyo while my good lady and I were visiting her parents. It was quite easily the best holiday I've ever had and I'd recommend that everyone try to visit Japan if they get chance.
Hope you're all good and enjoying life.
Rich M'

Then we have TV Steve who has been up on roof houses Blueskin stickering TV Aerials here are his words - 'ha yo.goner get me some new t's to day from ya web site today keep on trucking later.'

Then Adrienne Rowell from Newquay in Cornwall, UK who writes - 'This car has traveled everywhere but sadly has finally failed an MOT so its living out the rest of its days as a banger racing car!! Adrienne'
Newquay, Cornwall

And last but by no means not lease David Heslop from Tyne and Wear tell us this, 'Here is a picture of my missus driving our Orange camper!!!!Regards, David Heslop.'
We suspect a bit of creative photoshopping has gone on here which he freely admits to but we thought he has still been creative so lets enter into the comp and let you decide.