Friday, April 25, 2008

Stickers that Travel - Competition May 2008

Jamie Brown - from Romford, Essex, UK.
Hey guys! can i add my picture for the comp pleaseeeeee =]
Its off my desk in my bedroom
cheers Jamie Brown =]

Aaron Glendon, from Abbertsford, B.C. Canada.
Here yah go, the stickers on my fork and my frame.
Awesome! My name is Aaron Glendon

Mark AKA Deamondee, from sunny South Yorkshire, UK.
Inspired from your travellin stickers email - Please see my Travellin (portable) Chilling (Fridge) Machine....Mark aka Deamondee

Michael Newhall, from Sheringham, Norfolk, UK.

Just felt compelled to send a quick e-mail to say, loving the brand. Have stickers plastered all over my landy, my snowboard, wakeboard, etc, etc. (check out the very bad pic of me in powder mountain in Utah a few weeks a go). Take care Michael John Newal

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dragon Lodge 10th Birthday

Thanks for an amazing week in Tignes at the Dragon Lodge for their 10th birthday party. It was excellent! Gutted to be back in London - love and piste x