Monday, April 04, 2005

Baby Collection

A couple of years ago there was a flurry of pregnancy amongst my friends, all at the same time, maybe it had been the Summer of love as they were all due in April. What do I get them all I pondered? Most of them were couples in their late twenties early thirties and the twin set and pearls were definitely nowhere to be seen, so the traditional baby offerings would not be suitable.

I had a mini brain wave and decided what better than an extension of my Blue Skin range surely an ‘irritant’ baby bodysuit was bound to cheer them up during the night-time feed…mmmm?! So I sourced some baby wear and went ahead printing the existing designs from the then current range, like ‘irritant’ ‘dirty’ ‘kittens’ ‘chips’ onto the cutest, tiniest, baby body suits.

On the arrival of all the gorgeous offspring I made my delivery of cards and pressies. My friends loved their Blue Skin baby wear laughing at the sentiments, ‘Ah sleepless nights’…they chuckled naively grinning from ear to ear at their new arrivals.

With the baby bodysuits I had left over I took them to the Blue Skin stall at Spitalfields Market (an East London based market that caters for young designers) the response was amazing, the customers loved them and quickly they were all sold. So I got some more produced and hence the baby Blue Skin department was born. You too can now see and buy the baby range on the Blue Skin website. Bright colours have specifically been chosen with cool designs to make any little person a proper cutie.