Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition - July 2007

Like it tells us in the wise words of Whitesnake,

'An' here I go again on my own
Goin' down the only road I've ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An' I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time'

So you know the score, these good people have been out taking photos of their Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' so vote for your favourite 'Sticker That Traveled' photo.

Use the comments box below to vote, c'mon and show some love to see your favourite picture win!! You know it makes sense.

Ross Maddox - Milton Keynes Highway

Jamie Brown - Canary Wharf London

Will - Meribel Bubble

Alice - Telephone Box Mayrhofen

The Winner of The Blueskin Stickers that Travel Competition - June 2007

We proudly present to you the winner of the Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' Competition for June 2007 - Craig Rutherford with his brilliant Kassbohrer Piste Basher photo is the winner!! Awesome pic mister good work!

Here are the results

Craig 1st
Vicky 2nd
Sazelli 3rd
Adam 4th
A big thanks to Vicky, Sazzelli and Adam, for getting involved and taking part some more free stickers coming your way. Mr Don Brider our sticker maker man has been knocking up a new batch of stickers in his garage, so a big bunch have got your names on them!!

Love Piste and Bicycle Grease :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Little story for you all.....

When I was 21 - no younger, as I wouldn’t be able to booze it, I moved to Encinitas a surf town in San Diego, California - although I actually did not know this until I got there.

In a cloud of bud I didn't research my new environment until I went, so when I arrived I was shocked to see all the things I saw watching endless skateboard videos and in numerous magazines whilst growing up in England.

For example, that Civic Centre bank that Aaron Harrison ollies into and Bam dragons into in Welcome To Hell (Toy Machine) video. The YMCA Skate park practically built by Tony Hawk, and the famous San dieguito High School rail which saw the likes of Tom Penny and Geoff Rowley in their days along with Steve Berra and Rick Mcrank who filmed it in the Birdhouse video "The End", and many many more!

So for me it was really weird.

For example there was this little skate park, quite crap really. I was skating there one day and all of a sudden Matt Mumford and his mates pulled up to kick about. I think I did a manual nollie flipper out and got a clap from him, cool.

Down at Moonlight beach in Encinitas was a car park. A guy called Jeff King (who owns King rails) set up a rail session every week. About 100+ skaters would turn up and destroy the place. Including the likes of Richard Arg├╝elles who rides for Adidas, PJ Ladd came down a couple times, Kenny Hoyle who got picked up by Kayo distribution - check his section out in "The Official" vid. What about this kid Ronson Lambert. His part in Transworld's Forecast video is crazy and that “Rainy days” footage, type that into YouTube now!

Going to Mike Mcgills skateshop was a trip to.

So coming from a posh little town in South East England to the video world of skateboarding in San Diego was really insane and I'd urge any keen skater to head out to San Diego and check the vibe. Heres another thing, Rob dyrdek ordered a pizza at Papa Johns, when I did a delivery stint that was funny. My mate delivered one to Tony Hawk.

I don't usually care about this stuff, famous peeps etc, but when they are amazing skateboarders who have shaped the industry it's cool!

Anyway, thought I'd share that bit of my life with you lot.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Stickers that Travel Competition June 2007

We proudly present June 2007 fab four 'Stickers that Travel' photos!!

This month we are going to try something different, as you have been voting via ye ole email link and we have been reading your comments and counting your votes. We thought hang on there, just a wee minute why don't we ask you to vote via the blog, that way everyone can see the comments and votes, what do ya reckon? Soz for being a little slow hehe!

So now please place you votes and comments NOW, remember be kind and have fun!

Love piste and bicycle grease, Blueskin x

Adam Brown - Brighton

Craig Rutherford - Kassbohrer Piste Basher

Sazzelli - Mountain

Vicky - Scotties Pub Mayrhoffen

Winner of Blueskin Stickers Competition - May 2007

Mays competition was fierce so well done to Leona Bringwoods from Inveruglas Scotland she is this months sticker star!

Leona 1st
Ian 2nd
John 3rd
Guy 4th

A big thanks to Ian, John and Guy, some more free stickers coming your way for taking part. We got the big fat ramp ones in stock, so you're getting those! woop woop!